Celebrate life!

It’s so easy 

to sleepwalk

through life.

Barely awake,

barely aware

of the miracles 

around us

every moment

of every day.

Before my mother’s 


she revelled

in so much that

life has to offer:

‘sucking the marrow’.

While I’m sad

at her passing,

right now

I am so grateful

to be alive

in my life,

especially for those

who love and nurture me – 

something that has 

wondrously come

to the fore

in recent days

as we acknowledged

mum’s passing.

More than that – 

a death

should propel us

into life.

I have

this time


and I need

to make the most of it.

I need to be awake

and aware

of those everyday 


and celebrate life

in me

and around me.

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