For Earth Day

How do I live on Earth?

With wonder

or expectation?

Do I see the world as a menu

or resource list?

Do I marvel 

at the bees and insects,

plants and flowers?

Am I astonished 

at food webs?

Am I agog

at photosynthesis?

These supposed ‘lower’ life forms

that create their own food?

Oh and supply the rest,

including us, 

with the oxygen we need to live.

Do I stand 

in open-mouthed wonder at

the intricacies

of the carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle,

water cycle, tides, weathering,

volcanoes and earthquakes,

tectonic forces at work

for millions of years?

If I say I’m a Christian

do I really believe that

‘all things came into being through him’ (John 1:3)?

In which case we should celebrate

everything around us  

as a gift from God

to be carefully tended and preserved.

This challenges me:

how do my actions

need to change

to live out this fundamental

yet neglected part 

of our faith?

Will I have 

the wisdom of a child

to embrace the extraordinary ordinary

of each day

as the grace that it is?

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