Ministering to young people, they need to see that faith makes us passionate and guides our living. These reflections, based in my experience as teacher and parent, attempt to do just that.

You might be wondering, “Where are the other reflections?”. I’ve been emailing them out for a number of years and now have a blog.

If you like the reflections, check out the books tab. All royalties go to charity.

3 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks so much for your nomination – I really appreciate it!! I’m happy to do what’s expected with the Shine On award, except I don’t follow blogs – I don’t have the time to look and check them out in the first place!! Very pragmatic, not philiosphical!!

      So, I’d appreciate some advice on that one

      Live Jesus in our hearts!
      Patrick Jurd

      • Patrick,
        Maybe quickly look through your list of followers and share any that comment on your blog, or ones that look like they might fit with your blog’s identity?
        You don’t have to share the number called for if you can’t. Maybe share one or two. They don’t even have to be on WordPress. Additionally, you could share some websites you like.

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