Salvation is now

When someone dies 

salvation can become 

a topic of reflection.

Instead, I think that 

salvation is now.

For me to be saved 

I need to be saved 

from myself:

My selfishness 

my controlling 

my obsessions 

my lack of compassion 

my lack of love.

When I am saved 

from myself

I can more fully 

enter into relationships 

with others 

and God.

That is the work of a life.

This brings the reign of God 

in this life 

and the next.

One thought on “Salvation is now

  1. Sometimes, I think that salvation is a given. We mess up and we miss opportunities to thank, forgive or care. But, salvation lies in admitting that this is not the end of the story. There is a resurrection where our generous God will make all things right. Thanks for the reflections.

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