Educating for the Lived Gospel #221

You shall not commit adultery. (Ex 20:14)

It is easy to sit in judgement on the actions of others. The phrase ‘it takes two to tango’ seems apt – thus there are causes and/or faults on both sides. There is a fine line between appreciating the human form – made in God’s image – and ‘remaining too long’ and that turning into lust. Adultery takes humans away from right relationships.

Since we are made in the image of our trinitarian God, we are made for relationship. Being a teenager can be difficult and, at times, somewhat overwhelming. Young people must be encouraged to think of themselves, including their sexual urges, as good – intended by God who loved them into life. Through our words and the witness of our lives we must provide examples to the young people in our care of right relationship – where we freely give ourselves in love to another and it is reciprocated. This is the place of wholeness – the place where love grows. It is in this context that we share all of ourselves and experience sacrament – since God is love.

Have a great week…and a great break (when you get it)!

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