Educating for the Lived Gospel #220

You shall not murder. (Ex 20:13)

On face value we each keep this commandment. How many of us are murderers? If we look more broadly at what a democratically elected government does in our name, the answer may not be as clear. Such thoughts open a potential moral minefield depending upon one’s jurisdiction. What of state-sanctioned abortion? Euthanasia? Capital punishment? What of the waging of war – especially far from the public eye? What of money taken away from foreign aid? We must each discern our answers to these and related questions.

Our role with young people is to help them reflect upon their actions – both individually and as a member of society. The principles of Catholic Social Teaching such as considering the common good, the dignity of the human person and the preferential option for the poor also support our discernment.

Have a great week!

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