Have you ever seen waves?

Really seen them?

On a bright clear morning

Walking our dogs with my soul mate

I was struck

By their layers


We know that waves come into the shore.

Seen that.

Get that.

But on this peaceful day

There were so many


Of different types and sizes.

Waves within waves within waves.


The prevailing swell

Would gather all this up

Rippling the surface

Of this panoply of waves

Like a blanket flows

When shaken to make a bed.


A physicist’s delight:

The waves would

Bounce and refract

Around obstructions.

Moving in four different directions

Including bouncing back out

From the shore.


There are so many layers

To God’s grandeur.

I was graced

To glimpse another

On this bright morning.


I don’t doubt

That my ability to see

Comes, in part,

From the wholeness

I feel

When I’m with my love

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