My friend

In honour of Brian Doyle, editor of Portland magazine, author of many wondrous books and my friend, who passed away on 27 May. May he rest in peace

People come into your life

In a variety of ways –

Same street

Same school

Same train

Same job


The age of global communication

Adds a different dimension

This age brought me a friend

Through a rare combination

Of words, of spirit, of soul

Who has supported and fed

This man of words

With many of his own

As I glimpsed

And tried to grasp and express

In my faltering way

Some reflections on humanity, on life


This intensely personal journey,

Begun late,

Evokes strong emotions,

Connected as I am

To each of my pieces


I fancy myself as someone

Who tries to perceive and savour

God’s graces.

The friend who has aided me

On that journey

Sharing his own numinous insights

Is deeply appreciated.


Thanks, Brian

3 thoughts on “My friend

  1. Hi Patrick,

    A wonderful tribute to your friend, Brian. I did leave a comment on this but just wanted to say thank you for sharing so generously Brian’s words with me over the last couple of years. They have certainly nourished, consoled, inspired and touched me, on so many occasions. So thank you Brian, and thank you Patrick. Each of you is ‘that of God’.

    I feel sad and will miss the absence of Brian’s great gift no longer gracing our days. I can only imagine your sadness, knowing Brian more personally as you do. Thinking of you during this sad time and ever grateful for your part in connecting me to Brian’s words.

    Take care,


  2. Entirely appropriate that I should find out that this wonderful writer has passed from you, the man who put me onto him. What a loss of a magestic and gracious mind.

  3. My condolences, Patrick, on the occasion of your very sad loss, with the death of Brian Doyle. It’s a rare privilege to enjoy the love and friendship you have had with Brian. i believe that Brian will continue to accompany you on your ongoing journey – on call for a chat and an insight at any time.




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