Educating for the Lived Gospel #245

The LORD encourages those who are losing hope (Sirach 17:24)

This passage presumes that the person has not lost hope and is still open, despite their difficulties. Such encouragement can take a variety of forms. It can be the right word at the right time that buoys a person. It might be a smile. It could be consolation while at prayer. It could be hearing a particular passage of Scripture. It could be wise counsel from a trusted friend. We all want our problems to disappear. But it is enough to be granted the grace to see this moment, or this day, through.

A lesson for the young people in our care to learn (and possibly ourselves) is that sometimes the difficulties we face are of our own creation. The way we approach relationships or deal with the world means that we will continue to face this difficulty until we learn to change/grow. This may mean a time where it is ‘two steps forward, one step back’.Our hope lies in our God-given gifts including the human capacity to learn and to grow.

Have a great week!

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