Easter 2017

Easter is the feast of hope. Whether we look at our own lives or at the world generally, we need hope. Pain, suffering and even death do not have the last word. However, the hope of Easter comes through the cross. With the eyes of faith we can spot this pattern in our own lives and in the world at large. It might be the pain of distance or addiction or the death of a loved one – with a view that is long enough and dollops of the grace of patience and perseverance we can see things turning towards the full life to which we are called (John 10:10).

The full life has us connected with others rather than isolated. The full life includes time for prayer and reflection which act as a ground for our life to ensure that we connect to our best and truest selves. The full life includes going out of ourselves in love towards others. A full life includes being open to God’s graces that abound which may include moments of revelation and salvation – about ourselves, our relationships with others and God or life in general.

May we each continue the work to bring our full life closer this Easter

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