A contemporary passion

As we mark Holy Week, leading to Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection, there are so many places in the world today where suffering abounds. It might be the victims of another terrorist attack – in the Middle East, Egypt, Stockholm, London or elsewhere. It might be the victims of a chemical weapon. There are numerous situations of ‘conflict’ or ‘unrest’ throughout the world where people suffer, such as in South Sudan. We might also consider how many are oppressed in God’s name today.

There are millions of refugees worldwide – fleeing from situations of death, suffering and pain. They may have watched a loved one be killed, tortured or raped – or endured themselves.

We raise our hands to heaven and ask ‘when will it end?’ Better still to ask ‘how is my government treating refugees in my name?’ and ‘how can I be God’s heart and hands in this situation?’

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