Educating for the Lived Gospel #219

Honour your father and your mother (Ex 20:12)

As adults, how do we honour our parents? One way is by continuing to live out the faith and values they passed on to us. Also, by thinking of them and taking care of them, especially as they age and parent-child roles are reversed to a degree. Another way that we honour our parents is by becoming our own person, making the most of our God-given gifts.

As teenagers find their way in the world, they can define themselves by what they are not. Thus, parent-teenager relationships can be adversarial. A role that we can play as educators is to share about our relationship with our parent(s) in an authentic way. While some young people embrace rebellion, others may feel caught in a bind. But by becoming their own person, they are completing the natural cycle and thus honouring their parents.

Have a great week!

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