Educating for the Lived Gospel #217

Hail Mary, full of grace

We celebrate the Feast of the Assumption on 15 August. In Australia it is the only day the faithful are obliged to attend Mass other than Christmas Day. While Joseph is mentioned in Jesus’ early years, Mary alone is mentioned through the time of Jesus’ public ministry. Honouring Mary is appropriate in many ways. She was the mother and first disciple of Jesus, standing by him throughout his life. This alone would have taken faith, grace and courage.

We do not know the ways of the Holy Spirit. Honouring Mary throughout the centuries has been very orthodox but there is also a counter-cultural element to that honouring, given patriarchal influences at work up to and including today. We must not limit Mary to pretty pictures and plaster statues. Neither can these few words do her justice. Taking time to ponder her faith, grace and courage – and that of mothers in general – may be an interesting place to start.

Have a great week!

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