Educating for the Lived Gospel #173

Give us each day our daily bread (Luke 11:3)

When you don’t have regular food, being assured a regular supply would be an improvement! However, there is more than survival at work here. This text acknowledges that God is the source of all the good things that we need to live. It is also a eucharistic reference – our need to be in right relationships and communion with God and our community.

I can easily fool myself that I am in control of my world. In the developed world, my every want is satisfied. But there is never an end to the wanting until I realise the treadmill for what it is. As fellow children of God, I have a responsibility to those in need around me. By acknowledging God as the source of all good I set people and things in their proper perspective.

Our society teaches young people the lessons of wanting. What will they learn from my example?

Have a great week…and term!

One thought on “Educating for the Lived Gospel #173

  1. Watching the ‘Blues’ on Wednesday night was like watching Melbourne.

    What a hammering.

    That can’t have been the same side that turned up at the MCG three weeks earlier?

    All the best for Term 3 mate,



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