Educating for the Lived Gospel #172

Your kingdom come (Luke 11:2)

What might God’s reign look like? The scriptures give us clues: something plentiful (Matt 13:31), something precious (Matt 13:44), you need to be child-like to enter (Matt 18:3). Paul uses a word that can be translated as justice and right relationships. Having acknowledged that everyone is our sister and brother (Our Father), it is logical that when God reigns, greed, envy and all pettiness will be put aside. Using the gifts of the body of Christ only affirms what we already know – great things happen when we work together. As much as I live justly in right relationships with others, I bring God’s reign closer.

As much as young people can focus on the differences between themselves and others, our task is to help them to see that we are all members of God’s family. One way of doing this is to call upon their strong sense of justice and help extend that justice to a growing circle of people. I’m sure we have each have examples of the great things that happen when young people’s sense of justice is harnessed – which brings God’s reign closer.

Have a great week…and break!

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