Some reflections on travel

I was fortunate to do some travel in 2011. The next few posts are some reflections on that glorious time…

Kids are kids

I’ve recently travelled around the world

And, as always, loved watching kids


The big grin from the twelve-month old in London

The reciprocal smile to mine from the grandma

Holding the toddler’s hand in Hong Kong


The child walking along the top of the wall in Berlin.

As the plane banks on his side, the child who says “That’s amaaazing!”


The two year old stacking on a turn in Berlin… and L.A…. and Paris!

The baby’s plaintive “I’m tired” cry on the plane.

The same baby happily gurgling away – after a good sleep!

The father who kisses his infant son twice on the forehead.


It seems to me that childhood is a universal language.

Their joy and wonder in the world,

As well as their testing of boundaries

Reinforces to me the wisdom of the words:

“You must be like a child to enter the kingdom of heaven”

And maybe that children give us a glimpse

Of that kingdom

Right here

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  1. Excellent. I love it! Looks professional and looks easy to navigate. Only looking from iPhone so will check on laptop.

    See u soon xx

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