Educating for the Lived Gospel #98a

After I wrote this week’s reflection, I had the great good fortune to see the reality of life, love and hope coming through the cross in the person of 30 year old Melbourne woman, Michelle Newland. Her story is too good and too appropriate to this week’s quote not to share it with you. For the second year in a row, I’d invited Michelle to speak to our Year 11 girls as part of their reflection day.

Michelle Newland is a living miracle – and in her own way, an angel of the Lord. This is not just true because of her recovery after dying in her mother’s arms after an asthma attack at age 19. Nor is it true because she can walk and talk now rather than be in a vegetative state that the medical experts said would be her lot. Nor is it true just because of the wonderfully inspirational talks she gives – full of humour and determination. For me, Michelle is a living miracle primarily because of her extraordinary faith. As she said, “My faith is like oxygen to my brain…I can’t live without it”. As Christians, we proclaim that salvation goes through the cross. Michelle and her family have endured a type of crucifixion – yet are now exploring an extraordinary resurrection – full of life and love and hope. Truly a miracle for all who have been blessed to see and hear it. When someone like Michelle says “Never ever give up” – you take notice.

If you want to know more about her story, go to

Peace and all good

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