Whales at Warrnambool

I am awestruck by

This majestic scene

Giant sets of waves

Creating and crashing into the beach


The fierce off-shore wind

Makes them perfect for surfing

So my mate tells me


But the same wind ensures that

Their tops are blown off

Making mini rainbows

In the brilliant sun

Framed by the bright blue winter sky


Somewhat hidden

In the lull between waves

Are some whales

Which can be seen by their occasional spout


These large, warm-blooded creatures

Have crossed the vast cold ocean

To this ‘nursery’

To loll and sway in the surf

Off the coast of Warrnambool

Protected by their mother


A hardy crew

Of well-rugged-up individuals

Watch this extraordinary tableau

With varying degrees of attention


Days later

I am still struck

At this confluence of natural

And ancient energies


How appropriate at a place

Named by our ancient people