Reflection: Christmas 2022

Reading: John 1:1-18

God is with us! Today we celebrate God’s self-gift of Jesus Christ. The prologue of John’s Gospel sets out a breathtaking and compelling scene. John the evangelist refers to Jesus as the Word. A word exists to be spoken, heard and enacted. How do I listen for God in my life? How do I act upon what I hear?

The Word was ‘with God’ and ‘was God’. The passage leaves us in no doubt as to the divinity of Jesus. The sweep of the Johannine vision is indeed grand. Since he was ‘with God’ and ‘was God’, the Word was also part of the creation of the world. Our first inkling is in the opening words of the Gospel ‘in the beginning’ which is an echo of the book of Genesis. The prologue goes on to to make it explicit: ‘all things came to be through him’. The passage goes on to clarify that we do not just exist because of Jesus but have life: ‘and this life was the light of the human race’. 

Lest we think only positives are covered in this passage: ‘the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it’. The example of Jesus continues to shine for each of us – and that example will lead us out of any darkness in which we may find ourselves.

‘And the Word became flesh’ ‘and we saw his glory’, ‘full of grace and truth’. The Greek word translated as ‘flesh’ could also be translated as ‘guts’. The passage emphasises that Jesus was fully human, too. Of all the gifts that Jesus brings, the Incarnation is significant. As God’s children the Incarnation is at work in us too – so we need to remember that God’s glory can be seen in humanity. In a world hung up on ‘deserving’, this is more grace from God that rains down on each of us. 

This Christmas may we remember to listen to God in our lives and act upon what we hear. May we remember that God created everything and that it is good. Jesus gives us an example of life – and can help us out of any darkness. Finally, God’s glory is in every human. Our task is to have our eyes open!

I wish you Christmas blessings and a peace-filled 2023. It is my intention to have a break now. We’ll see what happens!

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