A young woman

dies in her mother’s arms.

Past devastation

and panic,

Hope flickers.

No life signs

for 10 minutes.

A glimmer remains,

a bare spark

which over 20 years

is fanned into flame

By love.

We gather in a church

named ‘Resurrection’

to celebrate

a different kind

of resurrection

fashioned by

Faith, hope and love.

Each person who speaks

is a living sacrament

Or awed in their presence.

‘The greatest of these is love’

from St Paul

is never more true

over this time 

that is a loving embrace

for all privileged 

to be present.

As the priest prays

‘May the body of Christ

bring us to eternal life’

he names 

the wondrous reality

of our salvation

so powerfully

on display.

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