Reflection Sunday 30 October

Readings: Wis 11:22-12:2; Luke 19:1-10 

‘We all make mistakes’ is a common saying. It is helpful for perfectionists such as myself. I can beat myself up about some perceived failing for quite some time. Eventually I realise that most of what I was upset about was in my head. Compassion for myself is important. So too is compassion and understanding for others and their mistakes. Life is so much easier when I realise/remember that others make mistakes too. No-one is perfect.

Around the same time it is good to call to mind how God sees everyone and everything. God loves ‘all things that are’ since God called them into being. Thus we are called to see people and all created things as God does, with love.

But human games, principally associated with our egos, get in the way. Who’s the most important? Who’s the most worthy? God doesn’t care about such ego parlour tricks. It’s about love – agape – self-sacrificing love. Do I truly love others? Do I love myself?

Zacchaeus, despite his wealth, was on the outside of Jewish society since he both worked for the Romans as a tax collector and likely profited from his fellow Jews. Zacchaeus was touched by the message of Jesus and wants to turn his life around. For God, through Jesus, this is an opportunity, to ’come to seek and save what is lost’. 

So, we need to live our lives in as loving a manner as we can – and not judge those who are trying to turn their lives towards wholeness and holiness. No-one is worthy of God’s love – it is grace. We are called to love the same way…with all its pain and messiness.

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