Feast of the Trinity Sunday 12 June

Readings: Prov 8:22-31; Ps 8:4-9; Rom 5:1-5; John 16:12-15

Human arrogance being what it is, humans have thought they control God, saying where God is and where God is not, as well as ascribing human traits to God – a God made in the image of humanity, not the other way around. Rather, all our words about God are not God. Our finite brains can only ever glimpse the infinite. Thus we believe in one God that manifests in three ways: the Creator of all that was, is and is yet to come; God-with-us who showed humans how to live and love, how we can follow God in our lives; the Holy Spirit, the Animator who reminds each of us of God’s promises and who continually gives us choice so that no matter where things are now that we can turn them, with God’s help, to the good.

This is the God that says to each of us, time and again, NOT ‘I love you when…’ nor ‘I love you if…’ but ‘I love you’. God says to each of us, despite our thoughts to the contrary, ‘You are enough. Rest in my love’. 

Today’s readings speak of God being at play in creation and delighting in humanity. The Holy Spirit will remind us of ‘what he hears’, as though gathered at the divine kitchen table with the Father and the Son.

The Holy Spirit guides us ‘into all truth’. Thus the truth is not an object to be found. Rather it is something toward which we are guided – maybe even grow into. As our experience and hopefully wisdom grows we are better able to grasp the truth – about ourselves, others, life…and God. The Trinity are our companions on life’s journey, until we reach our destination – in God.

2 thoughts on “Feast of the Trinity Sunday 12 June

  1. Patrick – I really, really loved this….thank you!

    Lauren Hichaaba
    Delegate for Mission Animation
    Director of The Cagliero Project

    Salesians of Don Bosco
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    • Delighted to hear that! To me it is the heart of our faith and makes sense of everything…but we can be too stuck in other ideas of God…glad you had a blessed time, in the footsteps of Don Bosco

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