Sunday reflection 1 May

Readings: Acts 5:27-32; Ps 30:2-13; Rev 5:11-14; John 21:1-19

The journey of coming to faith has highs and lows. There may be times when we are emboldened to speak of our faith, like the apostles in the first reading, and it doesn’t matter what the consequences are. We are happy to speak the truth of our faith.

Then there are times when it is all too much and we can feel like we are drowning until we feel God’s rescuing hand like in today’s psalm.

When things are going well we can see God’s hand in the people and events of our lives, turning things towards the good. Then there are times when we sit in awe and wonder at God’s majesty – that we might glimpse through God’s creation – such as today’s second reading.

Today’s gospel addresses the challenge of public lack of faith by Peter, who denied Jesus three times. Our leaders deserve to be held to account for their behaviour but it’s best for all of us if we leave the judging to God. Though that is easier said than done during an election campaign! Peter was a flawed individual but paid for his faith with his life. How might I hold up to such scrutiny?

The reassuring thing for us is that if Peter can stuff up so monumentally, our mistakes can be forgiven too. And when it comes to our leaders, of whatever situation, be compassionate with their faults – without putting them on a pedestal.

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