Sunday Reflection 13 March

As the Lenten journey continues which is done in a context of faith, it makes sense to pause and reflect upon my relationship with God. Honesty and openness in my relationship with God through prayer and contemplation is a grounding that allows me to be honest and open with myself and others.

This week’s readings give us several examples of faith. In the first reading Abram had already left his home in Ur to follow God and in the reading Abram is rewarded when the Lord makes a covenant with Abram and his descendants (who will be as many as the stars in a sky not affected by light pollution!). The responsorial psalm reminds us that ‘the Lord is my light and my salvation’ – rather than my obsessions, my addictions, the latest clothes or the latest gadget. Do I focus on giving and receiving love? The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ shines a light on life’s path for us each to follow. 

Our Gospel passage is that of the Transfiguration. In his typically gung-ho fashion, Peter wants to mark this important occasion. A cloud then envelopes Jesus, Peter, James and John and a voice says: ‘this is my Son, the Chosen One. Listen to him’. The disciples then fell silent as the enormity of what has just happened hit them – they have had an experience of God, both through the voice from the cloud and in the person of Jesus. In our time we need also to listen to Jesus: in prayer, in scripture, through the sacraments and through the people and events of our daily lives. Can you think of a moment of grace that stopped you in your tracks? God wants us to listen.

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