Reason for the season

We need Christmas to remind us that

God is already with us

Around us

Emmanuel – God with us

For all time

But we forget

to live our faith

that God is love.

How do I incarnate love in my actions?

God’s love encompasses

The world.

Do I appreciate the way 

that each part of creation

Uniquely manifests God

Through being what it is,

its ‘thisness’?

Sun, sky and clouds

God with us

Plants and animals

God with us

Flowers, birds and insects

God with us

Family, friends and strangers

God with us

By living our faith

In a God 

Who encompasses everything

Who cares about each creature,

Each part in the vast tapestry of creation

We slowly become our part 

of the enormous love 

Of the God that we believe in.

This begins 

When we truly open our eyes and heart

And Christmas is as good a time

As any to start.

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