Christmas 2020

There is something about Christmas that reaches within me, touching me at a very deep level that is hard to put into words. Yet is it is well described by our Christmas lights – bright, colourful, ethereal and easily missed within the bushes if I’m not looking properly. All of the Christmas preparations – cards, gifts, food – are designed to connect us, to strengthen relationships. Who binds us together in our relationships but our God who is love.

Our God doesn’t behave like we want – no power, no glory, no ego. Yet still manifest all around us if we open our eyes. Which is why the baby at Christmas is such a telling image. A baby is powerless and can bring out the best in us including the nurturing relationships in which babies grow to their full flourishing.

May we open our eyes and our hearts to the people and the world around us – the gift of God-with-us – every day.

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2020

  1. Hi Patrick, hope you are enjoying all the blessings and peace this season can bring. Thanks again for the Lived Gospel. BTW do you get Jurd Jottings from Br Peter Stewart who has done great work on Jurd family history? If not I can ask him to add you to the mailings. God bless Tony

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