Rethinking ordinary

Taking our dogs

for a walk

on the beach

my breath is taken away

by another glorious sunrise.

So much so

it jolts me into

rethinking the idea of



Ordinary has overtones

of plain, everyday or boring.

This scene

of pastel pinks and blues

framed by delicate clouds

and crowned by the moon

is neither plain nor boring.


There is a sunrise

every day

but this scene

is not ordinary.

This scene

teeming with delight is



and reminds me


to not sleep walk

through the joys

right in front of me.

Rather, to open my eyes


and savour

God’s bounty

in all its forms.



2 thoughts on “Rethinking ordinary

  1. Totally agree, let’s not sleep walk in, around and with God’s abundant grace-filled world of beauty, perhaps this is a calling during COV19 restrictions: home is where the heart is – this world is our home, tune into the heart of God’s ongoing love, creation and into our human becomings.

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