A Franciscan prayer

‘Wishing you peace and all good’ – ‘Pace e bene’

Loving God, you know how much we each need peace. In the end I can only find peace inside myself by being at peace with myself – by loving and valuing who I am and all the goodness you’ve placed in me and my life. So today and every day may I value my giftedness and the giftedness of others in my life. May I appreciate the beauty of the sun, the sky, the plants, the trees and all your creation. May all your gifts open my heart and mind to the goodness you have given me and so may praise of you be on my lips. We make this prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen

2 thoughts on “A Franciscan prayer

  1. What a beautiful prayer. I’m going to use it in class tomorrow and proudly explain that it was written by a special friend of mine. Carl

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