Educating for the Lived Gospel #286

be examples to the flock (1 Peter 5:3)

Whether I am a teacher, parent or another adult, I have a place of leadership in the lives of young people. I can be an influence – for good or otherwise. In using the language of the passage, Peter asks us to be caring and considerate. Then, as now, each ‘sheep’ is important. So, in the mundane reality of our lives, it also means there will be times when we need to put our personal needs aside to care for our young people. I’m sure you know what I mean!

And so we return to integrity. It is important that young people see us practise the rituals of our faith. It is also vital that young people see us living our faith in a practical sense – by speaking and acting for justice for the needy in our world. In an everyday sense, young people should see in us, however partial, a reflection of Jesus. Helene de Chappotin, founder of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary said to ‘walk as a living Gospel’ – that young people will read the Gospel in us. What will they read in me?

Have a great week…and term!


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