Natural History Museum, Venice

I have a passion for fossils

My darling wife sees

How happy it makes me

And lovingly supports me

Despite not sharing my passion


But I was particularly struck by

Museo Di Storia Naturale in Venice

It was more than what they had

It was the way specimens were presented

To spark interest, answer questions

And feed the passion

Like specimens of footprints

Being in the floor


But what is it about fossils

For me?

It’s that life has been around

For solong

In so many different forms

And that we have a fossil

Is a long shot in itself

All of the conditions were right

For thisbeing

And/or its passage

To be preserved

For our viewing

Our study

Our appreciation.

There is so much order

So many relationships

That God is in all this.

And tears come to my eyes

For the glory of it all

And it makes me deeply happy.


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