Educating for the Lived Gospel #284

Do not fear, only believe. (Mark 5:36)

In this passage Jesus raises the girl from the dead. There are many facets to this story but one view is that in telling them ‘do not fear’, Jesus is saying to them ‘do not look on the surface’. Believing gives us a broader, deeper vision; seeing things as they might be – not just as they are. Believing in this way gives us the grace and strength to deal with difficulties, seeing the situation and people as they might be – living in justice and right relationships.

Fear can hold us back in many ways. For the young people in our care, fear might hold them back from exploring their gifts, trying new experiences or from believing in themselves. Seeing the world and themselves as they might be – as God made them to be – allows them to make their contribution, including overcoming unjust situations. Seeing the good in themselves also allows them to see the good in others, sometimes hidden, and so grow in compassion. These are all important factors in living life to the full.

Have a great week!



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