Educating for the Lived Gospel #270

The LORD has done great things for us (Ps 126:3)

Things can change in our lives without notice. Thus fostering a sense of gratitude for things as they are now is very important. Closely allied to gratitude is a sense of ‘enough’ – putting down what seems like a dominant societal ethic of a relentless search for ‘more’. We can be grateful and feel like we have or are enough if we also have a sense of how God has gifted me – in terms of talents, relationships and material goods.

Our year can begin with an attitude of ‘here we go again’. Or we can cultivate a sense of gratitude and of having and being enough based in our giftedness through God. Then, we and the young people in our care are much more likely to feel happy and whole, build our communities…and do great things.

Have a great week…and year!


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