An opportunity

A year comes to a close

A new one beckons

Nothing changes

It’s another day

And yet it is a liminal space


This is not ‘groundhog day’

This is an opportunity

To choose

Be intentional

About my relationships

About my actions

About focusing on love

As that which binds



Choose gospel values

And make heaven real

Each day

2 thoughts on “An opportunity

  1. Patrick, I receive so many aids to my prayer life that I will unsubscribe to Lived Gospels etc.l. Thank you for being so Faithful to it over the years.
    I am moving to Malvern in 2018. We must catch up.

  2. Paddy, That is great! May I use it in a PowerPoint please? I hope all is ok -I wish for you, Anne Maree and the boys every happiness in 2018… nothing trite, you understand, but a deep in the gut serenity. Happy New Year, Liz

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