Educating for the Lived Gospel #244

No one is good but God alone (Mark 10:18)

At first read this passage can sound negative but we need to know the context of Mark’s gospel – the Neronic persecution – so there are less ‘frills’. Beginning with the creation accounts in Genesis, God’s creation is good. Thus the statement, thoroughly Franciscan, that God is the source of all good. As believers and humans we can be caught in a tension. We are each capable of great goodness – love, compassion, selfless giving. But we do not live like that all of the time – at least I know I don’t!

We should regularly give thanks for God’s goodness in our world – in ourselves, in others and the panoply of delights in God’s creation. And may we ensure that when we extend compassion towards others that there is some compassion left for ourselves and our own failings. Maybe even a measure of humour: ‘there I go again!”

Have a great week!

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