Educating for the Lived Gospel #238

Lord, teach us to pray (Luke 11:1)

At this point in Luke’s Gospel, the apostles have been assembled, missioned, returned and witnessed many miracles by Jesus. Some even had a glimpse of Jesus’ divinity at the Transfiguration. The apostles are beginning to realise their need to be connected to God to continue their ministry. They’ve witnessed Jesus taking time away to pray – so who better to ask about prayer?

Jesus teaches them a prayer which emphasises community – Our Father – as well as the need to acknowledge God for everything we have. We are also commissioned to bring God’s kingdom, a place where peace and justice prevail. Also, if we are focussed on God’s will, we do what is our true heart’s desire – what we were made for – rather than some ego-fuelled flight of fancy. This prayer reminds us of our gifts and missions us to build community including those who are despised or forgotten. Sound teaching.

Have a great week!

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