Educating for the Lived Gospel #231

Hannah prayed and said,

‘My heart exults in the LORD’ (1 Sam 2:1)

When we see or speak to those we trust or love, we are happy. This is especially so if we feel grateful for something a friend or loved one has done for us. Clearly, this is the kind of relationship that Hannah has with the LORD – one of trust, love and gratitude. Her prayer is not out of duty or intellectual assent – rather, it is from the heart. In what ways does your relationship with God mirror, or diverge from, that of Hannah’s?

Our task is to continue to provide opportunities for prayer for the young people in our care – to make prayer seem as natural as breathing. We are neither the primary nor the only role models for prayer in the lives of our young people. But we can rest assured they are listening when we speak of God and our relationship with God.

Have a great week – and year!

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