Some fabulous student work

Written and reproduced with permission from Jennifer and Lauren

Roses aren’t always red,
Violets aren’t exactly blue,
The society that we live in,
Never seems to speak the truth,
Smiles aren’t always happy,
Frowns aren’t always upset,
people judge too quickly,
And our feelings are what they forget,
The realm of spirituality is mystical and mysterious,
Humankind has woven words into the creations of beauty,
Sometimes our world opposes and sometimes it concurs,
We cannot control other’s emotions,

We can only wish for good to be upon us,
Only God knows our true intentions,
We can only pray for him to hear us,
Spirituality is within us and lives within us,

There is a voice inside of you,
That whispers what is right and wrong,
What should be acted upon or not,
Just listen to what’s inside of you,

Your spirit is only found in your heart,
Have your mind to be positive,
Only think optimistically,
Like a rainbow after a storm

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