Educating for the Lived Gospel #214

I believe, help my unbelief (Mark 9:24)

People speak of a ‘faith journey’ for a reason. Depending upon our circumstances, faith can feel easy or it can seem monumentally difficult. There are times when all is well – sunny, positive, upbeat. Then, faith is natural; it flows. Then there are other times when it is so difficult to feel anything positive. We then face a choice – to turn our backs on faith OR to wait and trust. In the words of the Taize hymn: “Stay here and keep watch with me, watch and pray”

Young people need to be reassured that God will not judge them (by us not judging them!) because of their struggles with faith. Neither is God threatened by their doubts. What we must share with young people is that faith is not just about being good. Faith is about being whole. Faith gives life meaning. St Augustine said it well: “Our hearts are restless until they rest in You”.

Have a great week!

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