Educating for the Lived Gospel #212

Sing joyfully to the LORD (Ps 98:4)

We each have much for which to be thankful. An ‘attitude of gratitude’ towards our Creator is entirely appropriate. Life being what it is, there will be some times when we will ‘sing joyfully to the LORD’. There will also be times when it is difficult to see the positives. In my experience, taking my reality to God in prayer helps me to re-focus and count my blessings.

As educators, will young people see us ‘singing joyfully to the LORD’? Clearly, our lived example is important. However, it must be authentic. Our lived example might occur through how we care for those in need, as well as our participation in rituals. Our lived example might occur through our ability to speak of our faith and the blessings that we have received. Such lived examples may prompt young people on their faith journey. The rest is up to God.

Have a great week…and term!


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