Educating for the Lived Gospel #211

the Lord takes delight in his people (Psalm 149:4)

The parent delights in their children – in all the things that they do, in their abilities, in their existence. How do we know that the LORD delights in us? We are loved in our family and in our community. We are supported and enriched through our relationships with our family and our community. The Scriptures, too, are an ongoing gift to Christian communities. They guide us and are spiritual food for the journey. An end point of the combination of these factors is that we feel safe, loved – that we belong.

Our role with young people is to be the LORD’s heart and hands – to take delight in the young people in our care. We can support and challenge them as they grow, as they discover and develop their gifts and talents. Primarily, we can love them as they are – as the LORD does for each of us.

Have a great week…and break!

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