Educating for the Lived Gospel #202

God saw everything that he had made, and indeed, it was very good. (Gen 1:31)

It is easy to get bogged down in the negatives of life – real or imagined. There’s more than enough to go around. This passage, and the rich theology embedded in it, remind us of the goodness and beauty in everything around us. If I can’t see that goodness, what am I doing about that? It is vital that I see the goodness – the constant reminder of our loving God. It is also vital that I see the goodness in me and those around em. When I glimpse my goodness, I am more likely to add my part to life’s rich symphony. When I glimpse the goodness in others and empower them, I help them to make their contribution.

To help those around us, young or not so, glimpse their goodness requires us to be paying attention. It requires us to honour God’s presence in each person. We all have stories of people who provided us with ’the right word at the right time’ or perhaps a loving presence that helped us be our best. Consciously or not, may we each be that loving presence in the lives of others, which reflects and radiates God’s goodness.

Have a great week!

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