Educating for the Lived Gospel #200

Easter 2016

During Holy Week and Easter we celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our hope is that our loved ones after their deaths will experience resurrection in what we call ‘heaven’. It is a belief that brings great solace. The passion and death of Jesus were the culmination of a radical self-emptying (kenosis) such that all that was left was love – the perfect gift of humanity back to God.

Recently, we were fortunate to celebrate my mother Rona’s 90th birthday. As I reflect upon her life along with the life of my equally long-lived (but now deceased) mother-in-law, Lorrie, I can see a painful process of self-emptying at work. Their families and friends have been richly blessed by their gift of love.

During our lives, we die to many things, experience the death of loved ones, as well as the grief and pain of loss in varied and subtle ways. In hindsight we may be able to appreciate a new birth or resurrection that comes after a loss.

This Easter, may we be open to the way our lives strip away that which is not essential, despite the pain. In that way, may we have more ‘space’ to savour the growth – and more able to give and receive love.

Wishing you and your families have a blessed Easter!

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