Educating for the Lived Gospel #190

Advent is our time of preparation leading up to Christmas. As the year ends, it is also a time for us to ‘sum up’ or take stock of our lives. As I get ready to celebrate God’s unique gift of his Son to humanity, what does my life look like? Do I practise what I profess? In what ways can I more truly be a disciple of Jesus? We know the answers to these and similar questions. Our task is to become more present to the answers and put change into effect, as needed. As for me, I struggle to find my own answers, so I will not be issuing a ‘prescription’ to anyone else!

We do well to help our young people to see the value in Advent, in taking stock. To help our young people look at their lives and honestly ask themselves: ‘How can I be a better, more loving, more Christ-like version of myself?’ In that way they will be more ready to value the gift of life, love and compassion that we celebrate at Christmas.
Have a great week!

One thought on “Educating for the Lived Gospel #190

  1. Thanks Pat, yes it is a time to take stock and also “stock up” on the gifts we can show and share… compassion, love, peace, acceptance, hope….thanks Pat for your inspirational words of wisdom and identity that you’ve shared all year. Maree

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