I wrote this piece as I marvelled at the goodness of my companions during our time at St Maria Mazzarello school in Venilale, Timor-Leste. Sharon, Mel, Julia, Giulia, Faith, Clare and Molly – this is for you:


We see people’s goodness

In different ways

Sometimes it shines forth

In a thrill of living

Or a burst of joy

It can also reveal itself

In stories that bring

A smile or a belly laugh

Goodness can also be revealed

In more subtle ways

That are as powerful

Because they build relationships.

It can be the friendly smile of greeting

The kind word

The hug

The point is the goodness in us

Wants to come out and do good

Our task is to recognise and appreciate

The source of all this goodness

The one who loves each of us into being


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