Educating for the Lived Gospel #176

The Lord by wisdom founded the earth (Prov 3:19)

This deeply held Judaeo-Christian belief has ongoing truth, as attested by Pope Francis’ recent encyclical. The more scientists fathom biology, ecology, astronomy, physics and related disciplines, the more intricacy is discovered in this planet on which we depend and live. How extraordinary is life in its myriad forms! The more we learn about the Earth, the more wonderful it seems. And what will we do with this knowledge? Surely, such knowledge brings responsibility and accountability. How will we ensure we honour God’s creation?

So, we also have the responsibility to ensure young people learn about the Earth, its complexity, the profound interrelationships which reveal God’s wisdom and care for all creation. We also need to model care for the Earth – through our use of resources and lifestyle – so that young people might glimpse the love and wisdom that permeates every fibre of God’s creation on our beautiful and fragile planet.

Have a great week!

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