Easter 2015

As Christians, we say ‘God is love’ (1 John 4:8), but what does that really mean? It can mean that in every action of care and compassion that we show towards others: every kind word, every considerate prayer, each thoughtful action – we spread God’s love.

Gifts are lovely, but giving chocolate eggs at Easter is not a surprise. The kind word or thoughtful action are also gifts. Since we are meant to be ‘Easter people’ throughout the year, actions of care and compassion can be done every day (like in this video) and so we demonstrate our belief that ‘God is love’. Simple, but very powerful.

May Easter joy be yours and may you spread it throughout the year!

One thought on “Easter 2015

  1. Great mate – as usual.

    Hope you and the family are enjoying the Easter break?

    I’ve been able to get in the water every day – enjoying that.




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