Educating for the Lived Gospel #131

“This is my son, my chosen. Listen to him!” (Luke 9:35)

These words from the Father to the apostles after the Transfiguration are also addressed to all who wish to follow Jesus. Modern day life is lived at a hectic pace. It is easy to be carried along and not give myself time to reflect on my life. How do I ensure that I have time to listen to Jesus and what he is saying to me about my life? Over the centuries, the Church has established many helpful ways to help this reflection. A modern variant is the website Sacred Space.

It is our responsibility to guide the young people in our care towards opportunities to hear Jesus. Do I share an aspect of my faith life with them? Do I give them opportunities to hear God’s word? Opportunities to reflect and pray? Are there new opportunities that we might provide our young people to listen to Jesus and try to live as a disciple?

Have a great week!

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