One thought on “Make a difference

  1. Awesome stuff Patrick – you are truly a legend!

    See below intro from one of fave books (The Visionary’s Handbook) which put it so succinctly

    Welcome to the Age of possibility.

    Welcome to the first time in the history of the planet when you truly can choose what you want to be, what you want to do, what you want to know, and where you want to go.

    Welcome to a world in which reality is whatever we make it, a world in which you both can and must immerse yourself in your own possibilities, a world in which you – you the person, you the business, you the organisation, you the government, and you the society – can write your own story and walk into it and become whatever it is you imagine yourself becoming.

    Life has never been easier, and because it has never been easier, life has never been more hard.

    Emancipate from group think and collective fate, people have the capacity today as never before to claim their own futures and to shape those futures to suit completely idiosyncratic wants and needs. You are really free, and as all truly free people are, you really are responsible.

    Fail to build you own future, and someone is going to build one for you, whether you want it or not. Fail to bind all the disparately emerging futures within your organisation – be it company, school, government, or family – to a shared set of goals, and its future will be forfeit too.

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