Educating for the Lived Gospel #120

“Walk as a living Gospel” (Helene de Chappotin)

There are many facets to this rich Franciscan saying. Our society can see words as static. Uttered in one moment, recorded, used as evidence of praise or blame – this is not the intent of Helene’s saying. Rather, she means that we should embody the good news of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection as we walk through our lives. The bar is set high but such a faith is real – this is the path of integrity. If we each walk as a living Gospel, open to God’s promptings amidst our failings, there is a good news, for each of us, from another.
Young people want ideals that are authentic, that live up to some scrutiny. If we provide examples of integrity amidst our failings, we are authentic to ourselves and live up to the scrutiny of (many) young people. The media, which young people can consume so voraciously, can highlight the negative in the world. What better antidote for our young people than to be able to walk and live and speak good news to each of them?
Have a great week!

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