Educating for the Lived Gospel #114

for the Spirit will not speak on his own, but will speak whatever he hears, and he will declare to you the things that are to come. (John 16:13)

In the context of his imminent arrest, passion, death and seeming ‘departure’, Jesus is assuring his disciples that the Holy Spirit will always be with them. In this verse, Jesus is speaking of the coming of the Holy Spirit, ‘who will speak whatever he hears’. In reference to this verse, Frank Moloney said that it was as though the Trinity were gathered around the divine kitchen table, thus the Holy Spirit can share the wisdom he has heard. It is a rich, warm, intimate image that has stayed with me. God’s word comes to us in different ways and through different people. Who has touched your heart with God’s word?
As our young people thirst for meaning, may each of us live out God’s calling to us. Living authentically, we can touch the hearts of the young people in our care with God’s word – by our deeds…or our words.
Have a great week!

5 thoughts on “Educating for the Lived Gospel #114

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  3. Hi Pat, as we are the presence of God – all our actions, words and deeds present an image of God. How vital it is for teachers, parents and carers to be a most loving image of God to our young people. Thanks Pat, Maree

  4. Pat
    I am in Pakistan at the moment for four weeks teaching English to our young men in the Formation House. There are eighteen of them. Delightful and eager to is a pleasure to be with them. Real poverty is all around is hard to see God in some of the human faces. Thank God for Faith,in some ways God is there. So much to do. Hope your exploratory trip was what you wanted and you can come up with a great experience for your students.
    Love to Anne-Marie

    • Hi Michael,

      As much as we were in different places, I understand some of your struggle being in such a different place! My trip was confronting and consoling and left me with much food for thought. We will build our relationship and when the time is right to take a group of students there, we will. But that is not likely to be in 2014, for a variety of reasons, not least being the time I’d intended to go is during the rainy season when mosquito numbers go through the roof, increasing the likelihood of dengue and malaria!! So, we’ll hasten slowly
      Will pass on your best wishes
      Peace and all good

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